Creating an emotional connection to a technology leader

ASM Assembly Systems are the world’s leading suppliers to the electronics industry, a global success story.  As part of their ongoing focus upon supporting the SMART factory of the future, leaders created an increasing focus upon the need to attract and retain the very best technology talent in the UK.

The candidate market from which ASM Assembly Systems hire is highly competitive with skills in short supply and demand high.  Recruitment was not an easy task, not helped by their south coast location and relative unknown employer brand.

Our Solution

Our job was to dig deep to understand exactly what the skills they needed to hire wanted from a future employer, what made ASM Assembly Systems a fantastic place to work and to help bring the proposition alive with high-impact creative design.

Our first job was to research and develop the ASM Assembly Systems Employer Value Proposition (EVP). We gathered the views of employees and external talent audiences from all levels by carrying out internal focus groups, executive interviews, internal surveys and external competitor benchmarking and candidate telephone interviews.

The findings revealed a number of facets that were unique to the ASM Assembly Systems employment experience that we were confident were of great importance to their target audiences. These became our trusted EVP pillars and playback across the business confirmed that they were seen as authentic, credible and attractive.

The pillars were underpinned with a core strapline that brought together the sense of unity and focus that prevailed across the business.

Armed with our detailed Research, we developed a creative brief that focused on bringing the true culture of the business to life.   Our first output was a careers video that truly captured the spirit of the business and created a much greater emotional impact. Closely following will be a new career site and an internal advocacy programme that will help to spread our messages further, bringing the ASM Assembly Systems name to the attention of both active and passive job seekers.

ASM Assembly Systems Employer Brand film

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