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The Telegraph has been synonymous with excellence in journalism for over 160 years but whilst its name is highly respected, it also carries strong connotations that impinge on how they are perceived as an employer in the minds of potential employees. Images of traditional print-based environments with little diversity and overt political leanings sprung to many people’s minds when they thought about working for The Telegraph. However, the truth is that it’s a diverse, technology-driven, forward thinking workplace full of brilliant people who thrive regardless of their political views. But this wasn’t coming to the surface in their recruitment marketing and as a result they were finding it hard to find the right talent who were typically working for desirable tech giants and start-ups.

Our job was to dive into the business and to build an EVP framework that would shine a light on the realities of working for The Telegraph.

Our research was deep and broad. Internally, we conducted focus groups, ran a survey across the whole business and conducted extensive executive interviews. Externally, we carried out 100 candidate telephone interviews and carried out a thorough competitor audit.

From here we were able to analyse and condense our findings to shape an EVP framework that brought to life the positive facets of working for the Telegraph in a compelling but authentic way that was recognised and applauded across the business.

Working with the team at That Little Agency, we then took the EVP framework and in close collaboration with The Telegraph’s marketing team, developed an employer brand identity that reflected the true nature of the business, positioning them as a dynamic, technology driven business with career opportunities to rival any tech giant.

The brand identity has now been used for a new suite of recruitment, assessment and internal communications materials and a fantastic new careers site, giving The Telegraph the tools they so badly needed to attract the talent they needed.

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