Engaging candidate and employee communications

Bringing your employer story to life

PeopleBrand are driven by a passion for employer branding and an unswerving belief that our job is to listen, absorb and to truly “get” you.

There’s nothing we love more than getting under the skin of your organisation, immersing ourselves in your culture and then distilling your essence into uniquely creative communications. We believe that to bring your story to life, we need to understand your business as well as you do.

We’ll help you to shape and deliver the marketing and digital assets that will act as your shop window. But it all starts with listening, researching your audiences internally and externally and telling your story with compelling and authentic content.


We’re a small team, but we’re strong in our beliefs and principles.

   We won’t dress things up in complicated jargon and unnecessary processes

    Our senior team will give you their full attention and passion

    We like being small and independent. It allows us to be agile and focused

    We’ll only take on work where we know we are going to deliver great outcomes

    We’ll  give the advice that’s right for you and deliver great creative work


Simple values, but rare in today’s market, we feel.

We may be a new business, but over the years we’ve helped to deliver employer brands for some amazing clients across a multitude of sectors.

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